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Alex Yallop Photography


Alex Yallop Photos website is designed to show you some of Alex's work he has completed at various occasions, events and projects.  Also the on this website you can view the photography services that Alex offers


Alex is an amateur photographer who enjoys capturing images that provoke thought and allow people to enjoy the memories of an special moments in their lives.


Alex provides a wide variety of photography services, which include parties, any events and wedding photography, he also offers on-site services such as architectural photography.


All his services are free of charge...


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Alex uses a Nikon D300S camera which is a compact DX format professional SLR camera that extends the options for photographers who value creative flexibility and high quality.  

He also has various lenses to capture great photos in all situations.


Alex takes pride in his ability to create lovely pictures. To see for yourself, have a look at his portfolio. Here are a few samples: